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Invest in your spiritual & personal

growth -- individually and with a

group of other men of God! 


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to know God, know yourself,

& to know your purpose!

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Thriving as the man, husband,

& father that God created

you to be!


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Bulk Orders For Churches/Groups

A paperback copy of The Blueprint, A Man's Journey to Self Discovery!



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The Turn Challenge Curriculum - Individual

A paperback copy of The Turn Challenge Study Course that goes hand-in-hand with the videos on this website.



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Curriculum + Book - Individual

A paperback copy of both The Blueprint, and The Turn Challenge Study Course for the ultimate manhood experience.




T H E   B L U E P R I N T 

The Blueprint: A Man’s Journey to Self Discovery will completely
change any man’s perspective concerning what it is to be a man. It is clear
that today, now more than ever, men are being faced with the struggle to
understand their maleness. Many men have grown up fatherless and have
never experienced the love and affirmation of a father. In his book, Claude
Bevier proves from a biblical perspective that manhood is NOT something
that can be achieved outside of a close, intimate, personal relationship
with God as Father. Also, Claude points out what he calls “The Fatherhood-
Manhood Connection” explaining how fathers have been given authority to
give identity. Lastly, he shows how a man’s relationship of intimacy with God
as Father will determine his effectiveness in every other relationship that he
has. As you read this book you will be inspired and empowered to “Know
God, to Know Yourself and to Know your Purpose in life.”

The Blueprint

Rediscovering TRUE Manhood

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